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The Gentle Entrepreneur with Lloyd Burnett

Jan 25, 2022

This episode is all about visibility. If you're energetically hiding from your audience, it doesn't matter how many social media posts or offers you make. They will not engage with you in a meaningful way or buy from you. Join me this week as I teach you how to make sure you're energetically visible so that you can be...

Jan 18, 2022

If you don't do anything about it, imposter syndrome will sabotage your business, income and impact. However, if you strategically use it, it can actually support your business and increase your income and impact.

In this week's episode, I going to show you exactly why you're experiencing imposter syndrome and how to...

Jan 11, 2022

Getting people to pay you for your experience is NOT hard. It's the way of the future.

It's time for you to create an eCourse that shares your wisdom, experience, and healing knowledge with the world. And, I want to support you in creating your prosperous product in the most effective and cost-efficient way.


Jan 4, 2022

Nobody likes hearing crickets when they launch a project that is important to them.

In this episode, I'm going to show you how to make sure that your business ideas are going to be abundant, successful and impactful when you launch.

I know that when you have a new business idea, you put your heart and soul into it. You...