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The Gentle Entrepreneur with Lloyd Burnett

Aug 9, 2022

Sometimes, spiritual advice will support you in getting through tough times so that you can have what you want. Other times, it will prolong your struggle and take you further away from what you want. How do you know the difference? You have to understand the nuances of spiritual advice so that you don't fall into the spiritual bypass trap.

In this episode, I walk you through 3 of the most common pieces of spiritual advice that I have seen sabotage the energy of people's purpose. These pieces of advice feel good, but can lead you down a path of struggle, stress and lack. Listen to today's episode to find out how to avoid the spiritual bypass trap so that you can live your purpose more fully and abundantly.


The meaning and the purpose behind some events are unknowable. This is the alt ultimate test of our faith. We must trust that everyone in life is here to learn different lessons at different times. That good and bad experiences are only the perceptions of man after all, some of your worst experiences have truly been your best.

They've sculpted you, trained you, developed within you a sensitivity and a set and set you in a direction that reaches out to impact your ultimate destiny.

  • Tony Robbins


  • [00:06:11] Do you use Spiritual advice to bypass your learning and growth?
  • [00:06:56] If it doesn’t feel good it is not aligned
  • [00:11:37] Follow your bliss
  • [00:13:00] Just trust and take the leap