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The Gentle Entrepreneur with Lloyd Burnett

Jun 22, 2022

There's one part of manifestation that everybody thinks is the easiest part, but actually, it's the most difficult. It may seem strange, but almost everyone has trouble receiving their intentions.

In this episode, I'm going to explain how most people manifest what they want, but don't actually receive it. Their manifestation comes to fruition and just waits for them to finally say, 'YES' and experience the fruits of their desires.


When you surrender your will, you are saying, even though things are not exactly how I'd like them to be, I will face my reality. I will look it directly in the eye and allow it to be here. Surrender and serenity are synonymous. You can't experience one without the other. So if it's serenity, you're searching for it's close by.

All you have to do is resign as general manager of the universe. Choose to trust that there is a greater plan for you and that if you surrender, it will be unfolded in time. 

  • Debbie Ford


  • [00:02:35] Lloyd’s 40 birthday receiving
  • [00:06:43] The 2 parts of receiving
  • [00:07:35] How to surrender
  • [00:10:12] How to experience your manifestation
  • [00:14:37] Ways to work on surrendering to your manifestation


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