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The Gentle Entrepreneur with Lloyd Burnett

Jul 12, 2022

Today's episode may seem a little controversial, but I have a feeling that when you listen to it, your eyes will open a little wider and your mind will expand even bigger.  After listening, you're going to be able to hold a new perspective about co-creation that will give you access to more power and freedom in your everyday life.

In this episode about why you manifest "bad" things, I explain the basic process of co-creation and I walk you through how to shift out of a reality that feels bad to you and use your power to experience something that feels better.


Can you really believe everything that you see and hear?  Start investigating everything you see and hear.  Are you open to seeing and hearing the truth? 

Ask yourself: “what is true for me in every single present moment.”


  • [00:08:23] Be open to the fact that good or bad actually comes from the story you are telling yourself
  • [00:09:30] Questions to ask yourself when you have  manifested something “bad”
  • [00:10:15] How to zoom out from your manifestations and observe how you are a co-creator and co-experiencer
  • [00:13:15] The 3 influences of manifestation
  • [00:15:45] The difference between conscious and unconscious manifestation
  • [00:17:30] Questions to ask yourself to move unconscious manifestation to conscious manifestation
  • [00:19:20] Reflecting the collective as a co-creator
  • [00:22:05] The consequences of lower vibrations
  • [00:22:30]The 3 things to do when you feel like you experiencing a bad manifestation


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